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Friday, 18 January 2008

Internet sales boom in 2007

Check out the latest internet retail figures. They are very exciting. Its clear from these numbers that 2007 was the year that online retailing came of age. Not surprising really as we have been tracking real consumer adoption throughout the year but huge and rapid growth nevertheless.

There is no doubt that the whole online shopping deal has improved significantly over last 18 months. Retail sites are far better, payment is secure, goods arrive and on time and real value is being passed on the consumer. why bother with the overcrowed high street? Point is made by the 4.4m people who shopped online on Christmas day!

The figures:
  • Internet sales in 2007 were £46.6bn, up from the £30.2bn in 2006.
  • 15pc of UK consumers making their retail purchases online.
  • Nearly 1 pound in every seven spent on consumer goods in 2007 was spent over the internet.
  • A jump of more than 50pc since 2006.

Online shopping figures

Survey conducted by Capgemini and the IMRG, the online retailers' industry body.

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