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Thursday, 3 April 2008

Confused marketing messages

Today I read that email marketing is dead, killed by the avalanche of spam that continues to swamp inboxes around the globe. Not sure if that's true or not, personally I still read emails from brands I like and trust.

Waterstones is one of those brands. I read books, I like their shops, and I buy their books each and every month. I actually prefer to spend time in the bricks and mortar world of Waterstones than their online store.

Their email marketing campaigns have been fairly woeful, mainly I think because they don't tailor their messages to me based on what I like, and what they know about me. Presumably because they can't connect all the insight and behaviour they have on me as an individual. I'm anonymous in-store where I spend money, and inactive online, where I don't spend cash.

Either way, oddest subject matter on a marketing email this morning came from Waterstones, and I quote:

"Change your life with Salman Rushdie, Charlie and Lola"

Salman Rushdie - Fatwa suffering Satanic Verses author with international notoriety
Charlie and Lola - found on the shelves of discerning 5 year olds across the country

Maybe I'm missing something, but this is just random isn't it?

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