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Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Digital collides with sport

It's not often I see an idea and am totally grabbed by the fact it is unique, visionary, and combines the old world with our new digital environment. The fact that it is a subject close to my heart only makes this more interesting.

myfootballclub.com was launched earlier in the year, with the intention of getting people to buy a share in a "yet-to-be-bought" football club for £35 per share. Get enough people signed up, and then the collective could go buy a club. Nothing that radical there, that's what supporters trusts exist to do.

The twist with this though is that there was no club at the outset, but more radically, all share owners would have a say in the running of the club - transfers, team selection and major club decisions. The digital platform would allow all share holders to vote on everything, meaning either chaos or consensus.

Today, with a warchest of £700,000 myfootballclub.com has announced it's buying Ebbsfleet United FC, currently 9th in the top division of non-league football. Managed by former Coventry City centre-back Liam Daish, Ebbsfleet are about to become part of a unique digital - sport - social community experiment. Liam will keep the shareholders updated with all information, coach the players, and then the fans will pick the team.

Success or disaster? This real life Championship Manager will be interesting to follow over the rest of the season. I'm hooked already

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

the worlds gone finally mad. i thought football managers not than the fans picked the team!

russian billionaires, fan collectives - what ever next?

additionally this experiemnt is abit of a damp squib, a team no ones ever heard of in a completely unimportant non-league league. its all rather sad isnt it?