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Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Spinning Around

We raised a slightly quizzical eyebrow on hearing the news that the pint-sized Princess of Pop, Kylie, is launching her own social networking site, allowing fans to congregate together in cyberspace and interact with all things Minogue.

On reflection though, this is another sign that the digital world continues to radically change the traditional music business model. The Kylie brand now covers music, underwear, fashion, perfume, touring, CDs, DVDs and downloads - and social networking is a brave but possibly inspired digital extension.

Knowing your audience is crucial to success, and if Kylieworld takes off, not only will Kylie know her audience, but she'll have them in one place, known by name, in a relationship and individually addressable. A marketer's dream.

We'll be signing up, to see how we get treated. And whether we get to wear some sequins and feathers in the office.

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