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Thursday, 22 November 2007

Homegrown traffic?

It's fascinating to see just how much traffic from outside the UK the Newspapers get online.

If you look at the figures below each of our examples generate well over 50% of traffic from abroad.

Traffic outside the UK accounted for 61% of Guardian Unlimited's traffic or 11,186,395 users during October, with the remaining 7,221,363 users in the UK.

Mail Online, recorded 9,697,917 unique users from overseas, or 72%, and 3,833,257 users within the UK.

Sun Online's six web properties have 5,006,572 unique users outside the UK, or 54% of its user base, with 4,187,434 UK users.

Times Online's recorded 63% of its traffic from overseas, equivalent to 7,880,105 unique users, with 4,561,777 users in the UK.

Telegraph.co.uk recording 6,721,354 unique users or 61% outside the UK and 4,386,671 domestic users.

What does it mean?

Well it means that UK newspapers are strong and respected brands that travel well.

It also means that domestic advertisers will worry that 50%+ audience isnt relevant - price negiotation will surely follow

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