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Thursday, 19 June 2008

Gannett buys into 'family' social network

Cozi, an intriguing Seattle based startup that’s most easily described as a social network for a family unit, is announcing an investment and business deal with newspaper conglomerate Gannett Co. The size of the investment is not being disclosed (we believe it is $8 million, however).

Cozi lets family members keep a group journal, share photos, organize chores, share calendars and create todo lists. There’s a significant overlap with genealogy sites like Geni, as well as some of the life story sites we’ve profiled from time to time. But I haven’t seen anything quite like Cozi, which also has mobile and Outlook syncing to keep everyone on the same page. The demo here gives more feature details.

The service now has 600,000 registered family members and says it’s adding 2,000 new ones per day.

We think this is a really good investment its a natural extension for Gannett. It helps keep it local and relevant. I'm sure Cozi will be delivering Gannett content, particularly local content and will will be pushing the service its users.

Stragetically smart but also helps sweat the expensive newspaper machine alittle harder which is no bad thing.

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