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Monday, 9 June 2008

Mirror Mouthpiece launches

After an intense development period, our client the Daily Mirror, has launched their dynamic online reader panel community; developed, designed, delivered and managed by Market Evolution using eDigital Research's fine software solution (Press release at the bottom of this article)

Mouthpiece moves online research on from 1 way "ask-tell" to a 3 way dialogue with consumers - we talk to them, they talk to us, they talk to each other. It provides a rich seam of qualititative views and opinions from a large number of readers, very dynamic and very exciting.

We're very proud of it, and think it's very forward thinking of the Mirror to make this investment in showcasing its readers, and listening to their views - it really is putting the reader at the heart of the business. We obviously would say that, given they are a great client of ours, but we mean it - it's a major step forward in the industry.


It's currently invitation only, but the front page gives you a feel for what's inside.....

Mirror Group launches online research community
by Staff Brand Republic 09-Jun-08, 11:40

LONDON - Mirror Group has launched an online research community called Mirror Mouthpiece, which allows the Daily Mirror to get a better view of reader's attitudes to advertising and editorial.

Mirror Mouthpiece includes a mixture of forums, net chats, product ratings, polls and blogs.

It has been developed on the back of the success of Mirror Group's 5,000-strong reader panel, which has run more than 100 surveys since 2003. These include client-specific surveys for advertisers such as Pedigree, Freeview and John Smiths.

Mouthpiece is linked directly to the Reader Panel and will allow for the first time interaction between the depth of quantitative panel data and the qualitative insight.

The online research community was created by Mirror Group's strategic planning team led by Suzy Jordan and Nicky Jones, in partnership with Market Evolution and online market research firm eDigital Research.

Richard Webb, Mirror Group's managing director, said: "The launch of Mouthpiece enables us to have a regular dialogue with our readers, putting them at the heart of what we do.
"Mouthpiece has already been used for advertiser projects and can give immediate insight and feedback on their campaigns."

One example of how it has been used is with the long-running campaign for the Food & Drink Federation, to promote awareness of guideline daily allowance food labelling.
Mirror Group monitored readers' awareness of the advertising and accompanying editorial content using their Reader Panel. Mirror Mouthpiece was then used to get "under the skin" of readers' relationships with food and the actions they take to keep themselves healthy.

The Reader Panel results showed that readers' usage of GDA labels increased by 19% over the campaign period and specific topic forums on Mouthpiece gave Mirror Group Advertising invaluable insight into why labelling was important to their readers.
Jane Holdsworth, GDA campaign director, said: "This isn't just about a label, it's about encouraging people to lead healthier lives. The results from the Mirror reader panel show that this activity struck exactly the right tone

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Anonymous said...

I watched Silent Witness last night and was appauled that in view of recent stabbings of young coloured people it was very insensitive of the B.B.C to show it ,I know one could argue that it was after the water shed ,but that still does not alter the fact that youngsters could still watch it .