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Wednesday, 17 December 2008


Many papers around the world are taking radical steps to cut costs and improve efficiencies. Times are extremely tough and cuts are unavoidable but the industry has to be careful where it cuts and not cut a main artery.

Cutting distribution is sensible but now two high-selling Detroit newspapers have taken it a step further - by eliminating home delivery on four days of the week.

This is madness. This would be like the UK industry cutting subscribers but worse as home delivery folks pay full price. Yes they do.

Home delivery customers are the absolute lifeblood of US newspaper industry. These folks are the loyalists. They buy everday. They read everyday. Dont punish them. Reward them.

Don't take them for granted and absolutely don't expect them to go from paper to digital. They won't.

For all those UK Newspaper managers who are considering the full range of cuts learn from this and please leave the subscriber and home delivered customer alone. Broaden the relationship with them don't end it. Open up new revenue streams through transactions.

be careful where you cut


Bruce said...

I used to be a paper boy, delivering papers at the crack of Dawn (lovely girl she was) But then there was a spate of newspaper boy murders (early '80s) so I quit. Explains some of the downturn, but I guess not all....

Toby said...

sensible stuff Toby. why arent you running a newspaper?