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Monday, 5 January 2009

New Year, new price

Monday January 5th, and the snowy start back after the festive break.

The first indication in 2009 of the hardening economic climate sees the weekday Times increase its coverprice from 80p to 90p, expressly stating in Saturday's paper that this is due to newsprint prices and the current economic climate.

Not surprising in itself, but the 80p coverprice had only come into effect in September 2008, which suggests the need to drive increased news-stand revenues has become increasingly pressing over the last few weeks. It also consigns the price wars of the 1990s to the history books, unlikely ever to be repeated in this sector.

The rest of the quality market will probably follow over the next few days, so our first prediction of 2009 is that all of the quality titles will have a £1 price point by the spring for their Monday-Friday editions.

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