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Thursday, 12 March 2009

From Cuddly Toys to Pet Shop Boys - it's all about the brand

There's a story doing the rounds at the moment that a container of cuddly toys was washed overboard during a storm off the East Coast of England, and made its way up the Thames to West London, where it was found in the middle of the night by an enterprising young promotions executive.

Two days later, the Mail on Sunday ran a free cuddly pet toy promotion - "Get your free puppy here".

Last week the MoS returned to more familiar ground with a free CD with the Pet Shop Boys.

Sources close to the Pet Shop tell us that the cuddly toy made a small impact of 25,000 odd copies, while the Pet Shop Boys delivered a more impressive 200,000 uplift.

The morale of the story? Pets don't win prizes, but Pet Shops can still reel in the punters.

No idea what the joined-up thinking regarding the brand was, maybe there just wasn't any, and the story about the washed up container may actually be true.

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