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Monday, 9 March 2009


The Sunday Times, was the only Sunday title to post an increase in circulation in February, up 0.66% to 1,214,254, according to figures from the Audit Bureau of Circulation out late last week.

The Sunday Times: only Sunday title to post a February circulation rise

The Sunday Times: only Sunday title to post a February circulation rise

The Sunday Times, which was the first paper to up its price to £2 in September 2006, was also up 1.27% month on month.

The News of the World, was down 7.97% year on year, to 3,019,928, but regained its title as the biggest selling paper, from its daily sister title The Sun.

The Independent on Sunday posted another substantial decline in circulation in February, down 21.28% year on year to 179,487, although it was up slightly, 0.39% month on month. The figure includes 39,295 bulks - heavily discounted copies sold to airlines, hotels and other outlets and given away to consumers.

The Observer down 7.26% year-on-year to 430,341

The Sunday Telegraph down 6.03% year-on-year to 595,029.

Daily Star Sunday performed the best among the tabloids, but was still down 1.74% year on year, to 360,143.

Sunday Mirror was down 9.07% year on year to 1,226,062.

The Mail on Sunday held up relatively well, posting a circulation decline of 0.85% year on year, to 2,184,982.

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