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Tuesday, 5 May 2009

NMA - making things worse for newspapers

My colleague Craig in his post below asks for comment on the performance of the Newspaper Marketing Agency (NMA)

The NMA is front line defence of the newspaper model and front offence in articulating newspapers' attractiveness. The NMA is doing a very poor job at both.

For starters it's all important press advertising campaign is old and totally ineffective. Quite frankly it would not persuade me (and I'm an advocate) to consider\reconsider newspapers for my ads. In fact, it would harden my views that the medium is old and out of ideas.

Surely the NMA can dream up something that captures the power and influence of newspapers as an effective advertising medium.

Moreover, the NMA seems completely mute in the PR battle. There is actually lots of good news out there that isn't getting out. Why do we, for example, hear about Google and Twitter and never ever about the reach of newspapers? Why are the only voices negatives ones?

The Newspapers publishers (who run the thing) should demand a complete clear out at the NMA. Replace everyone there. Boost the energy. Boost the competitiveness. Boost the creativity. Boost the thinking!

Problem is - I suspect - that certain influential members of the Board are not hugley motivated to promote the attractiveness of newspapers per se preferring to push their own titles and watch as industry numbers shrink. In USA they call this the 'last man standing' strategy.

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