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Monday, 21 September 2009

ITV - you couldn't make it up. Goodbye viewers, goodbye advertisers?

Regular followers will have noted our on-going fascination with the slow motion car crash that has been ITV over the last few years. A national broadcaster who wants to be a global media brand, a digital business happy to write off £150m+ on Friends Reunited, a confused proposition to the consumer - we've been discussing our observations over the last 18 months or so on this blog.

This however, leaves us almost (but not quite) speechless. In a market where any media business should be loving their advertisers to the point of an almost unhealthy obsession, this ranks up there with forgetting to take the binoculars up to the crow's nest when iceberg spotting, and going over the top at dawn on the Somme.

Quoting directly from mediaguardian: "Evidence has emerged from the Competition Commission's inquiry into the Contract Rights Renewal (CRR) mechanism that ITV may have misled clients over the effectiveness of advertising on the network. ITV told us that this research was only undertaken for marketing purposes, that it had significant methodological flaws and that ITV used the results that are most favourable to ITV. ITV submitted that many of the results of its research in fact showed that, when compared with other commercial channels, ITV1 did not have a more engaged audience nor was there any specific sales uplift attributable to ITV1. Further ITV told us that ITV1 did not fare well in terms of 'water-cooler' moments as viewers who strongly like ITV1 are also least likely to say that TV gives them something to talk about."

So, basically, the real story is that advertising on ITV doesn't work. It's official, and it's from the horse's mouth. Don't know about you, but I wouldn't want to be sat in that insight/ad planning team today. When all you can see is darkness, apart from a small circle of light way up above you, it's time to stop digging.....

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