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Saturday, 26 September 2009

Only 5% will pay for content in UK (so says research)

In a Harris Interactive Poll conducted for PaidContent:UK, researchers found only 5% of newspaper site readers in the UK would be willing to pay for interactive content.

74% of respondents simply would go to other sites if they were required to pay for access to the news they now get for free.

As for the balance of the respondents, 8% said they would take advantage of any free headlines on the news sites and 12% said they were unsure. The poll was published here this week.

The other interesting finding in the poll is how little readers are willing to spend to read the news. Fully 72% of respondents said they would not want to pay more than £10 per year.

Let's not panic. As we know only too well being a research company price research is notoriously fickle. Consumers don't like to say they will pay at all, let alone very much (especially when they have had something for free).

I remember very clearly researching BskyB in the early days and nobody when asked said they would pay for TV (after all it was all free way back then).

If the publisher has the brand and valued content and its priced sensibly and presented well then consumers will pay. And those consumers will in turn be valued by advertisers.

Toby Constantine

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Anonymous said...

just wish the publishers would stop talking about it and get on with charging

what can possibly taking so long?