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Thursday, 17 September 2009

Shortlist starts multiplying.....

First up, a small pat on the back for Shortlist, the free men's magazine picked up over 510,000 people every week. It's matured well and now looks like a good consumer offer, with a nice range of content with some appropriate advertising. In a market where free (and local) newspapers are vanishing faster than guaranteed votes for Gordon Brown, it's good to see a print business expanding rather than shrinking.

Stylist launches on October 7th with a print run of 400,000 copies across London, Brighton, Manchester, Glasgow, Birmingham and Leeds. Aimed at Britain's "style-savvy women" it's launching into a highly competitive market, up against weekly and monthly womens' glossies, and the weekend newspaper supplements, but you have to assume Shortlist Media have run the numbers and feel confident they can deliver a differentiated audience to advertisers. Print quality will be all important to make the mag a success for those lovely creative executions, so we wait to see how well it all hangs together.

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