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Tuesday, 5 January 2010

2010 - e-content takes off (driven by Apple)

Happy New Year.

The global economic situation will undoubtedly remain challenging but in our world of digital media there is so much to be excited by in 2010.

We open the year with the news that Amazon sold more digital books than the ink on paper kind (on Christmas day) and that their e reader was the most popular gift item.

2010 is the year, we forecast, that e readers take off and media companies make full use new found ability to bring content to life - e-content.

Consumers can look forward to the convenience of the printed product combined with the dynamism of the web.

What drives this?

E readers whilst making some headway haven't really broken through. People like their Amazon Kindle (me included) or their Sony Reader but they don't love them. What we need is a really great e-reader.

Enter Apple.

We are excited by the imminent launch (in shops in US as early as March) of the much hyped Apple tablet computer - the iSlate.

Combining several products in one (think of it as an extreme iphone) the iSlate opens up a new frontier in personal digital 'convergence' technology. It will, also, act as an electronic reader and given Apple's designers ability to transform markets it should do for content access and presentation what ipod did for MP3 and e-music.

We can look forward to a fun, simple system which we can download (and pay for) dazzling e-content. A sexy system that many people want to buy.

Hope newspapers and magazine content companies are ready! We certainly are.

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