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Friday, 29 January 2010


Lots has already been written about the ipad.

The nay sayers damn it as just an over sized iTouch and its fans say it's a radical step forward in convergence.

Whatever your point of view I'm pretty sure of 2 things:

1. consumer will buy it and in large numbers forcing more innovation, me-too products, and ultimately mass adoption. A great thing.

2.Whilst the ipad won't on its own 'save' print media (how can it?) it's launch marks a significant moment in the print industry's revolution - the moment when industry and consumer saw for themselves the future.

I'm a fan and I say thank you to Apple

Now it's time for the publishing industry to WAKE UP, stop whining and create e-content that people will 'want' to pay for.

The technology is arriving but it's less sure that the content is there to run on it.

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