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Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Apple at the Oscars

The glamour, dresses and feigned looks of surprise returned on Sunday evening with the Oscars holding their annual movie jamboree. Alongside the shoes, dresses and hairstyles sat a number of businesses paying top dollar for advertising space. One such company was Apple who choose the awards ceremony as its first external showcase for the new iPad. Sadly, unlike many historic Apple ads in the past the iPad did little to excite many in the media.

It rather blandly begins with the obviously airbrushed hands of a man picking up the tablet, checking out some videos and then reading the New York Times – an unsurprising app to choose since the NY Times has already been highlighted by Apple at the launch of the iPad as a new revolutionary way of reading the news. Overall the ad tended to suggest the iPad is going to be aimed at the mainstream, a belief backed up by its accessible price tag, but did little to suggest the product is going to revolutionise the technological world in the same way the iPhone did to telecoms. A shame, as the creative genius behind the technology is usually matched in their communications.

A launch date of April 3rd in the US, with the UK following later that month, will be the real test. Commentators continue to say that this is a device that needs to be touched and handled to appreciate its true value. We’re looking forward to putting that to the test.

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