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Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Murdoch parks his tanks on N Y Times lawn

In an attempt to eat into The New York Time's mass market audience and tempt away some of its luxury advertisers The Wall Street Journal is launching a local news section for New York.

The daily news section, starts on 12 April, will average 12 pages and include daily real estate, culture, business and particularly sport.

Its unlikely that it will cause the NYT undue pressure in circulation sales but that's not the intention. This is about local retail premium advertisers.

At best this gives advertisers an opportunity to attack ad rates which is not to be encouraged and at worst its provides a viable alternative and a chance to switch.

This is unwelcome and uncomfortable for NYT who alongside all newspapers is having a hard time of it.

Its another front in the escalating turf war between these two titan titles.

News Corp (owner WSJ) is quite open about its expansion plans.

We will watch with great interest

Full story can be read here

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Im not surprised by this.
Murdoch isnt the type to sit around and do nothing. He loves nothing more than a big battle. it isnt solely about profit.