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Wednesday, 23 July 2008

McFly bigger than Barry Manilow!

The Mail on Sunday's exclusive giveaway of the new McFly album boosted its circulation 300,000 copies above its non-promotional average to 2.4m copies, according to estimates.

Couple of things strike me about this the latest in a long, long line of CD giveaways.

Firstly, McFly are more popular than Barry Manilow amongst MOS readers. Thats extraordinary. Surely no one I mean no one is bigger than Barry in middle Britain .

Who are McFly anyway?

Well the answer must lie in the popularity of McFly with MOS readers children me thinks.

Is this pester power at work at the news stands

Second thing that strikes me is how attrition seems to be finally taking its toll on these promotions. McFly beat Manilow but fell well short of Prince's Planet Earth CD last year.

All involved with these promotions are very polished at heralding their success but once again isnt it time to call into question the ROI of these deals. Its estimated that Associated Newspapers alone spend £100m a year on this type of stuff. Meanwhile the piles of unused, unwatched and unlistened to CDs and DVDs pile up - unloved - on readers shelves.

Car boot sales are the major beneficiary of these deals!

Wouldnt the money or at least part of it be better spent investing in long term relationship building with readers rather than short term bribery?

Maybe recessionary times will necessitate move toward strategic rather than tactical marketing at the papers.

That would at least be one good thing to come from these challenging times.

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