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Thursday, 3 July 2008

The winds of change

Just glancing back through the archive of posts here looking for a couple of things, and couldn't help noticing how the mood has changed.

What ever happened to social networking, incredibly high valuations of digital businesses and all the hype surrounding Web 2.0?

Now it's all credit crunch, high street bloodbath, advertising recessions and redundancies.

Those who keep their heads and invest wisely in brands and audience should be able to reap the benefits in the medium term, it'll be interesting to see "who dares wins".

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Anonymous said...

Report from the Economist Intelligence Unit (April 08) “85% of board executives see the sharing and collaboration aspects of Web 2.0 as an opportunity to increase revenue and margins”. I agree that within a corporate context social networking has some way to go but we are seeing an explosion in the use of Wiki’s as an innovative way communicating and sharing knowledge.