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Thursday, 5 February 2009

ITV score massive own goal

Those of you who know us well will have encountered our passion for the beautiful game. Picture the scene - a massive Mersyside derby FA Cup replay, extra time drawing to a close and penalties looming large, tension building by the second and the full drama of an explosive last gasp winner scored by an 18 year old substitute unfolding before your very eyes. You couldn't write a better script to engage millions of passionate football fans in the thrills and spills of the FA Cup.

Only ITV cut to an ad break around a lot of the country, and missed the goal. Instead of Gosling's quick feet and curled finish, fans were watching ads for TicTacs and Volkswagens.

That's inept to say the least, and incompetent at best. ITV's FA Cup coverage has been poor across the board in comparison with the BBC and Sky's standard football output, but this plumbs new depths. Michael Grade has apologised to viewers and ordered an internal enquiry into the technical fault, but the stable is empty and the horse is long gone.

Is this another symptom of the major problems hitting ITV? (See our earlier post on Sky vs ITV) Or just an unfortunate co-incidence? Time will tell, but as cracks start to appear in a business, you have to question how safe the foundations really are.

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