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Wednesday, 11 February 2009


We've been away from the blog for the last couple of days (resting? not in this market) and I thought the best way back was a single post that covers a number of the notable events from the last few days. so where to start?

  • News International 'shed' 65 jobs ('efficiency drive')?
  • DMGT ad revenues plummet in January (by 20+% - ouch!)
  • Bankers up in front of the beak say their sorries (again and again and again)?
  • Obama gets his (watered down) bail out package ratified (finally)?
  • Amazon launch Kindle 2 (but we wont see it here in the UK for a long while)
  • Sirius XM Satellite Radio is filing for bankruptcy (making Oprah, Martha and Howard Stern homeless!)
What else has caught our eye during our post free days?
  • Ticketmaster and LiveNation merge (as predicted here) to massive whinging from music industry, artists and politicians
  • Georgie Greig confirmed as Evening Standard editor (leaping from the dentists surgery to tube train!) and the industry asks is he up to it? Immediate gossip that ES is to go free.
  • Mr Madoff only madoff with $35bn (not $50bn) and pleads guilty to civil charge of running a 'ponzi' scheme. He continues to plead not guilty to same charge in the separate legal case!
  • Britain continues to fall into a deeper and most severe economic down turn. This seems to surprise the Cabinet but comes as absolutely no surprise to those who have lost their jobs.
  • Bank of England issues a statement saying things will begin to get better in early 2010.

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