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Wednesday, 25 February 2009

ITV to merge with Channel 4 and Channel 5?

In any other market conditions this thought would be absurd but in todays market all things are possible....

As one of a series 'radical ideas' ITV has drawn up a plan for a three-way merger with Channel 4 and Channel Five. Yes they have

Its not so mad as it would bring together the UK's three main advertiser-funded commercial broadcasters and it might be the only to safeguard all three businesses in the face of the most challenging market conditions ever.

Look im sure the Regulators would have massive concerns (although they seemed to have turned a blind eye to anti competitive bank mergers so why stop this?) and im sure Sky and BBC will lobby furiously against it but its just this kind of 'radical' thinking that the media sector needs right now.

In fact the newspaper industry could learn from this. As the old saying 'in stormy weather we cling together'. Suddently old enemies become best friends.

More news on this as it breaks

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