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Wednesday, 10 June 2009

How dare they?

I am officially grumpy this morning. Grumpy with the Rail Maritime and Transport (RMT) union and their 48 hour tube strike.

The action which was called over jobs and pay has disrupted millions of us this morning casting us in to the rain and the misery of an impossible journey to work.

Above is a picture of my alternative method of transport - the bus stop!

Not viable.

Quicker to walk which I did (in a grump).

At a time when we are all thinking about our jobs and our pay and when the economy need us to be working and spending the RMT decide to strike (over jobs and pay) costing the economy millions. How dare they.

Apologies for the politics but Bob Crow (below) should be
hung, drawn and quartered


Anonymous said...

Boris should sack the lot of them

Anonymous said...

This is the official Press release for RMT "RMT negotiators spent all afternoon and early evening at ACAS putting together a deal which could have settled the dispute only for London Undergound to bring in lawyers at the last minute who pulled the rug from under a workable agreement. The strike goes ahead and we know that it will receive solid support from RMT members across the tube network," said Bob Crow RMT general secretary.

The communting public dont back this strike