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Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Murdoch gets it right (again)

"Communications are changing totally and we're moving into the digital age and it's going to change newspapers. But if you've got a newspaper with a great name and a great reputation and you trust it, the people in that community are going to need access to your source of news.

"What we call newspapers today, I call 'news organisations,' journalistic enterprises, if you will. They're the source of news. And people will reach it if it's done well, whether they do it on a Blackberry or Kindle or a PC."

From interview on Fox News Network

Of course no-one - not even Rupert Murdoch - knows what the future holds for newspapers but its clear that the industry will have to change considerably. I agree with what the old guy says here. The greatest asset is the organisation itself not the distribution or access. Its the manufacturing of quality news content and the trusted brands behind it that is the critical factor here.

Don't care how people choose to access the content

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