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Wednesday, 24 June 2009

WPP and Zimbabwe

Did you happen to catch last weekends Sunday Times?

Lots in it as always but something caught my eye concerning an old favourite Sir Martin Sorrell. Specifically that Sir Martin had been amongst business leaders assembled to hear pleas for help by Morgan Tsavangirai prime minister of Zimbabwe.

So what?.

Well isn't this the very same Sir Martin who was at one point (and not that long ago) co owner (through WPP) of an ad agency in Harare that worked on Mugabe election campaigns.


WPP was forced to divest of its share when the story broke. Sir M claimed in his defence that he didn't know that WPP had a stake.

Anyway its good to see him looking to make amends and perhaps he will do something to help the embattled people of Zimbabwe (as opposed to helping to prolong the misery).

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