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Sunday, 8 November 2009

Friday 13th - Unlucky for some

The fat lady is warming up and a long way down the red carpet already as London Lite moves into its last week of publication.

Friday 13th November will see the last ever edition of the paper, leaving the Evening Standard with a clear run at attaining a profitable advertising revenue stream with its new free-for-all business model.

Not a lot of point reflecting wistfully on London Lite's greatest moments, or how hundreds of thousands of loyal readers will shed a number of tears, it's just not that sort of newspaper.

Instead, it'll be unlucky for the editorial team who wrote it, the hand distributors who braved the weather to hand it out, and the other associated people who earned money from the business overall. Anyone with a major contract with London Lite will be feeling the pressure bigtime already, but Friday 13th will certainly be unlucky for them.

Now to see if the Evening Standard can rise like a Phoenix from the ashes of the London newspaper market. We're not convinced it can do, but we watch with interest.

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