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Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Murdoch pitches his tanks on Google's lawn

The ongoing saga into how KRM will move towards charging for online content continues apace, with the Microsoft talks to tie-up revenue for content apparently moving along nicely.

Mr Murdoch appears to have decided he will not lose very much by ditching Google traffic and even a fairly small payment from Microsoft would compensate.

We like the sentiment, as a gazillion unique users has always been a flawed business model, and it does make more sense to make at least some money out of content, than continue giving it away for free. However, it's not usual for Mr Murdoch to be cast in the role of the under-dog, fighting the bigger beast of Google is a step back 20 years in time.

Will he make it work? Arguably if anyone can, he can. But we can't help but think that Google won't actually be that bothered. Will they retaliate? Not sure they will, they have bigger fish to fry.

And that's the most eye-opening thought about Google's dominance at the moment.

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