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Thursday, 12 November 2009

News snippets

Some odds and ends to highlight this morning.

More pain at the Guardian, with another 100 jobs being chopped in the light of continued increasing losses. The Observer is going on a crash diet usually only seen in the 3am pages of the Mirror, slimming down to a four section package, with main news, sport, review and the magazine. Business, which I personally thought was the best section in the paper (and in the market), is being swallowed up in the main section, which is a shame. Like all re-launches, slimming it down and keeping the £2 cover price may well prompt a consumer reassessment of value, so expect the ABC's to show a slight decline into Q2 next year.

Trinity Mirror have reported better than expected ad revenue figures, with the nationals holding up better than the regionals. No need to comment here, those of you who know us well know we have a vested interest in the performance of TM.

Timesonline looks likely to introduce a paywall in Q1 2010, as KRM's crusade away from free content continues (note to self, see how that expensive acquisition of myspace fits into that strategy...). Free to Times+ subscribers we're assuming, chargeable to everyone else. But micro-payments or subscription? More research out today saying that people may consider paying to read specific columnists, but only in increments of 10p or less. Put a 10p charge for 500 digital words from Jeremy Clarkson into the context of £2 for 13 sections, 8 inches of height and two dead trees worth of Sunday Times, and I know where I'd rather spend my hard earned pennies. Give me the dead tree version anytime.

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