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Monday, 15 October 2007

Blood in the water?

We don't like to comment on politics that often, but now is one of those times where I feel the need to share some thoughts.

Gordon's honeymoon is well and truly over, managing to alienate the bedrock of the UK commercial community by increasing Capital Gains Tax to discourage entrepreneurial activity and success. More on this, from the coal face, on a separate post.

David Cameron's performance at the Conference was well received,and the polls spooked Gordon sufficiently to perform a neat U-turn on an early election. This weekend saw some of the Blairite big beasts briefing against Gordon, a sign of early panic and distrust in the new direction?

And tonight, Sir Menzies Campbell steps down, apparently feeling he had taken the party as far as he could since Charles Kennedy called last orders on his time in power. A timely resignation for the Lib Dems, clearing the decks to give a new incumbent a likely 18 months lead time before the next election. Will Lembit Opik have a run for the top, leading to the possibility of a cheeky girl being installed in Number 10? Can you imagine the scene if Hillary Clinton was elected, and brought Bill over to a high powered summit at Number 10, to meet with Lembit and his Transylvanian Cheeky Girl. I'd pay to watch that.

Has Gordon rescued defeat from the jaws of victory? He's bought himself some time, but with discontent in his own party, Cameron ahead in the polls, and the Lib Dems stirring into an 18 month period of activity, there looks like there's a lot of blood in the water, and the sharks are circling closer and closer. In the Labour lifeboat, the discussions on who to throw out first must be starting.

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Anonymous said...

Fascinating to see a PM trust polling research in marginal seats so much that he postpones the biggest decision of his political life so far.