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Thursday, 25 October 2007

Lovely Story

Sweet taste of early success

Published: October 24 2007 in the FT

A teenage Scottish entrepreneur is on his way to becoming a millionaire after he landed a contract to supply15,000 jars a month of his “home-made” jam.

Fraser Doherty, 18, started making jam four years ago as a schoolboy in his Edinburgh home, using his grandmother’s recipe and selling the jars door to door.

Back then it was his parents who helped fill and label the jars. The jam is based on a recipe handed down through generations of the Doherty family.

Having now set up his own company, SuperJam, he is developing new flavours predominantly using so-called super fruits such as blueberries and cranberries in the hope of exciting a market that has changed little for hundreds of years.

Part of Mr Doherty’s success lies in his unusual approach to making jam. Instead of adding large amounts of refined sugar to his recipes – the traditional method – he uses natural fruit juices as a sweetener.

SuperJam has no other employees, hiring a factory in the north of England for a few days a month to make 40,000 jars a month. But Mr Doherty, whose new contract to supply Tesco follows a deal with Waitrose, said he was now considering taking on staff.

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