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Thursday, 25 October 2007

Radio - we love it

We love radio. We listen to alot of radio - as a nation you understand not just in the ME office!

Seems we are listening in large and increasing numbers on digital radio, listening on the internet, listening on digital tv and even listening via mobile phones as well, of course, as listening on the trannie. In fact 15% of total listening is done via digital channels and its growing.

Radio is a robust and healthy medium with 153 million hours spent listening in the 3 months ending september - overall, the number of adults (aged 15+) tuning in has decreased slightly, down 760,000 quarter on quarter from 45.6 million in Quarter 2, 2007.

Another example of how personal digital technology is changing the way we entertain ourselves.

source: Quarter 3 2007 RAJAR

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