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Thursday, 22 October 2009

ABCe: guardian.co.uk hits record unique user number of 32.9million

Reported on mediaguardian.co uk this morning:

"The Guardian News & Media's website network which includes content from the Observer and MediaGuardian.co.uk, attracted 32,953,433 unique users, up 23.62% from August and an increase of 36.25% year on year, according to the latest figures from the Audit Bureau of Circulations Electronic published today.

Emily Bell, director of digital content at Guardian News and Media, said: "Breaking 30 million users is another milestone for guardian.co.uk. We are delighted to see a healthy interest in online news across the board and to have smashed the 30 million barrier with well over 32 million unique users to set a new record for guardian.co.uk and online newspapers.

Both our global and UK success can be attributed to our sustained investment in web content. The newly launched environment site attracted a significant number of new users and our new TV site, offering user-friendly listings, has encouraged repeat visitors and increased engagement."

Must make those £90m a year losses feel much better as the cold winter nights start to draw in.

Newspapers may have the largest audience reach in their history, but size of audience is not related to the commercial reality of right now. Engaging those customers in a profitable relationship is much harder than good old SEO. Time to stop blowing that trumpet and get someone to pay for the performance.

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