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Monday, 12 October 2009

Paranormal Activity - demand it!

Many of you will remember the movie Blair Witch Project. I never saw it but I remember the hype and what turned out to be one of the most effective viral marketing campaigns of all time.

Well here come another.

A film in the US called 'Paranormal Activity' is being marketed using crowd sourcing. The movie is using popular demand to take it from limited screenings to national distribution.

And it seems to be working - the movie took in $6.5 million from only 159 theaters, and is set to open in wide release on October 16.

This is clever stuff. For the studio its a way to market the movie (very cheaply and very effectively) and to evaluate demand on a city by city basis enabling a cost effective distribution.

Ive become one of 1,850 people in the UK to 'demand it' come here to the UK. Not that I want to see it as it looks very, very scary ( !).

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