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Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Post from America 2

Couple of snippets from the US roadtrip worth mentioning.

Firstly the New York Times are running 50% off subscription offers using TV ads, presumably alongside in-paper comms. Interesting that they feel that they need to bolster the in-paper space with TV, presumably endorsing the view we have that newspapers need to work more closely with other media channels to maximise ad revenue opportunities. On the back of the US vs UK NMA ads shown below - which are quite strikingly different - are the NMA looking at what's happening on this side of the Atlantic?

Secondly, following up on the Twitter based backlash towards Jan Moir's Gately article. The Burlington Free Press (daily broadsheet, 75cents cover price, 16 pages, some colour) carried the story on page 2 today, showing just how small technology has made the world become. Stephen Fry was mentioned as the instigator behind the backlash, wonder how many of the locals knew who he was, let alone Stephen Gately.

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