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Friday, 21 August 2009

thelondonpaper closure creates ripples in the market

So what would you do if you were Associated Newspapers in response to the news News International are to close thelondonpaper?

Well the very first thing you would do (once the celebration is over and the hangover has subsided) would be to close London Lite, their loss making free newspaper immediately. Yes you would and with a great sign of relief

Or would you say to yourself the demise of the competitor means more ad revenues for London Lite? You might, but you would be foolish to expect spike in ad revenues. It just doesn't happen like that.

Or you would rebrand and run Metro in the afternoon as well as the morning? This is an interesting thought. It leverages a strong consumer brand and gives advertisers the opportunity to get 2 Metro impact hits a day. Readers get improved content coverage from a trusted source (altho inevitably there will be story duplication/repetition)!

I think that London Lite will close - not immediately but soon. And not for the reasons stated here but because I suspect a deal was done between Associated and NI to cease the expensive and non sensible free newspaper hostilities by closing one and then the other.

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