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Monday, 3 August 2009

Twitter - standalone value, or an enhancement?

Regular readers of the blog will have spotted that we're a little shizophrenic here about the value and potential use of Twitter. Waste of space, or a service with a little nugget of value buried away there somewhere? We've been undecided.

As I write, the England cricket team is currently warming up at Edgbaston, aiming to pull off a very unlikely victory against the under pressure Aussies. In this interconnected world of ours, I've been following the game on the iPhone, using the ECB app and the BBC's cricket text service. I've also been using Twitter to follow the thoughts of Bumble, Aggers, Tuffers and Jason Gillespie (who is in need of a nickname. A proper one, not the epithet given to him by the Hollies Stand on that Saturday in 2005 when I was there).

I'm enjoying hearing regular updates from the team, and it's working for me. Some of it is banal, but a lot of it is actually quite interesting, and it's a definite enhancement. Would I pay for it? Maybe a small amount. And that's a "maybe" more than I would have said 3 months ago. Would I miss it if it wasn't there again? Yes, I probably would. The jury is still out, but the debate isn't dead yet, there could be something in this Twitter thing after all.

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