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Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Facebook powers to top dog in UK

Facebook has overtaken News Corporation's MySpace site as the highest-traffic UK social networking site with 6.5m unique users last month, according to data published today by Nielsen//NetRatings.

This tallies with what our survey said (see post below) where our Periscope insight community reported that Facebook was the social networking site that was growing fastest and by miles.

We arent therefore surprised that its made it to top dog (officially) but we are taken aback by how quickly. This from Nielsen//NetRatings again - since October 2006, Facebook has rocketed from 448,000 unique users in the UK to 6,506,000 during August 2007.

Well done to the Facebook (uk) team.

Its also reported today (New York Times) that Facebook has a value of $10 - 13 bn - WOW wow wow!

CEO founder is (one rich) 23 year old!

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