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Thursday, 13 September 2007

The London freesheet war continues

The NRS figures are out for London Lite and the LondonPaper, and the war of words is underway between the east end Wapping boys and the West End sophisticats.

Greenslade, on mediaguardian, makes many good points as usual. Key here for me is that the base sizes on the titles are 231 and 250. About the same size as a Weatherspoons crowd on a Friday lunchtime. Not great to get any reliable and detailed profile information.

The NRS is just not geared up to cope with the subtleties of the London media landscape, and media buyers and advertisers are being seriously short changed at the moment.

The solution is a London only media survey, robust, fast moving and actionable. It's on the way, more to follow on that shortly

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I read with interest your comments on NRS failure to sensible measure London newspapers and other london centric media

you allude something coming (perhaps from you?) that might do a better job

when do you expect to launch something?