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Tuesday, 18 September 2007

iPhone coming to shops near you in UK

The Apple chief executive, Steve Jobs, today confirmed that the company's much-hyped mobile handset, the iPhone, will go on sale to British customers on November 9th.

At a press conference held at the company's flagship London store, Mr Jobs announced that the iPhone - a mobile with built-in iPod and internet capabilities - would be available for £269, plus the cost of a contract.

He also confirmed, as expected, that the sole operator in the UK will be O2 and available in CPW stores.

So its on its way.

Will you buy it? - lets us know

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Anonymous said...

Apple's iPhone is set to become Britain's first £1,000 mobile phone when it is launched in the UK on November 9, it emerged today.

The basic handset will cost British consumers £269 - £69 more than in the US - but Britons must also sign up to a contract costing at least £35 per month with Apple's chosen network partner, O2, for a minimum of 18 months.

That puts the cost of the handset and contract at between £899 and £1,259, depending on the call plan.