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Wednesday, 26 September 2007

More facebook

While not wanting the Market Evolution blog to become the facebook blog, a couple of additional thoughts on the future for the ravenous commercial beast which Facebook is hurtling towards becoming.

A tie up with Microsoft or google remains on the cards, with both businesses chomping at the bit to get a piece of the action. The strategists at myspace must be working all hours to work out how to regain the high ground they occupied, before Facebook steals all their thunder. Interesting strategic question for them to answer - how do they differentiate their offer in this market - what's the "sticky" content/application they need to launch to win back their audience?

The second thought is about the personal data each individual posts on Facebook, with Facebook currently looking at how to commercially exploit this information. My view is that if it's used invisibly, for targeting ads/products/services then this is smart and will not cause any reaction from customers. However, if this is blatantly and insensitively done, and people feel that they are being "data-raped" then wait for the bad reaction. Even though its a free service, if they get this wrong and upset people, then it could be a different story.

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