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Monday, 10 September 2007

Social Networking - at a glance reality

As part of Periscope Market Evolution's ongoing monitor of peoples' digital lifestyles we have just completed a look into social networking. It's surfaced up some quite interesting data.

The highlights from the UK online survey are as follows:

  • 34% of the sample currently use social networking sites which is lower than we expected
  • that said 25% of these are new so its growing fast
  • MySpace is the most popular site and but Facebook is the site growing fastest which is inline with the incredible hype its been getting.
  • average duration of time spent on site is 28 minutes which is 'sticky'
  • 15% visit every day which is 'sticky'
  • average number of profiles per user is 2.4 which makes users alittle fickle
  • looks like its an activity that is reserved for home with 96% logging on from home.
  • only 1% access through their mobiles!
  • most popular uses are just passing time, chatting with friends, looking at photos, and getting in touch with old friends so no real surprises there.
To see full presentation of the finding and what it all means please email toby@marketevolution.co.uk

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