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Friday, 7 September 2007

London Free Dailies - cant give 'em away

One year on am I alone in noticing that a lot of Londoners are now rejecting the offer of a London Lite or a copy of The London Paper?

Its very visible that many many people are now saying no to the kind offer of a free newspaper. Have you noticed the frustration on the hand distributors faces as the job get harder and harder.

God knows how many copies go undistributed on a daily basis but it a safe bet that the 'returns' are high.

Singnificantly if Im even close to being right then it wont be long before advertisers and/or their media agencies start to question ad prices, product environment and so

So why the rejection?

Here are some possible explanations

1. Free just isnt enough - these papers just dont deliver.
2. Rising awareness of waste and pollution - we are all more aware of the need to be 'clean'.
3. Ive done my newspaper reading for the day and these papers dont add anything so I dont bother.
4. Im fed up having a paper thrust into my hands.
5. The Tube is too full and I cant read it.

When the two free afternoon titles came out we talked to consumers about their likes and dislikes perhaps it time to revisit the sample.

We'll do that and let you have the results..........

1 comment:

Greta said...

NR. 4 is probably the biggest reason but in the same way it is good to have have it there if you like grabing one. Thats probably the freedom that people have.