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Tuesday, 11 September 2007


Facebook is about to get serious in the UK, which is already its 3rd largest market, by opening an office in Soho Square, a mere stones throw from Market Evolution Towers in the heart of the West End.

Key stats from the article credited below - 5.2m unique users a month in the UK, 60bn page views a month (to give that some context, that's 10 page views for every single person in the world) and a target of 60M unique users a month by the end of the year - which would need 200,000 people a day to be signing up from this point.

Their stated business model is to be more like google (which the more cynical here would view as a big invitation to get round the table for talks)and position as a "utility" rather than a social networking site. Big things are made of the applications which can be developed and dropped onto your profile page, though most seem to be fairly inane so far as I can tell. But, the fact remains that Facebook believe that the momentum in the market is with them, and they are riding the wave with confidence.

A final thought, most cool things start off small, go through explosive growth as the mass market follow the early adopters, then fall back as everyone realises it's no longer exclusive and cool but instead its something that your dad is also doing. Riding the wave before the bubble bursts (to mix a metaphor or 2) is a challenge, timing an exit even more so. We will use Periscope to see how cool the brand is right now among users and non-users. Full article link is below.


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