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Wednesday, 25 July 2007

I'm a convert

Heres another post from Craig:

Over the past few months we have been following the new apple Iphone with keen interest

Would it be different enough to stand out in an already crowded market?

Would it be too expensive for consumers?

Would the apple brand be strengthened or weakened by the extension?

From the outset, I have to admit I was somewhat cynical. Yes, it had a touchscreen, and yes it probably did some nice things with your ipod, but it was expensive, and didn't look on paper any better than my blackberry pearl

Even after the successful launch in the USA I still harboured some doubts over whether it would be as well received over here

At this point, I have to hold up my hands and confess to not being at the cutting edge of fashion, or riding the waves of cool brands. I'm more partridge than dolce & gabbana.

But I'm now a convert to the Iphone. Yesterday, at lunch, we sat next to an American businessman who had one, and showed me what it did

And its good. Looks lovely, great screen, and great usability. When you've seen it, touched it, and used it, then you want one

Its a winner, and my cynicism was misplaced

I may buy some apple shares


Anonymous said...

BUY SHARES. now is a reasonably good time but not for reasons you suggest. you will not have noticed because you are out of financial news but Apple share price is down some on poor activation figures for iphone. so there is alittle more value today than yesterday!

Anonymous said...

Apple’s shares fell 6 percent after AT&T said the early surge of iPhone buyers starting service on its network was smaller than some analysts had anticipated.