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Tuesday, 24 July 2007

More to life than London

This is a post from Craig who is suning himself in Italy whilst we drown in UK.........

There is more to life than London....

I must confess to occasionally being too london centric in my approach to media, despite trying to remain in touch with my Midlands roots. This week abroad has reminded me of a few things I thought I should share

Its been 6 days since anyone tried to give me a free newspaper, which is a record seldom reached in london

In london, according to some research I remember raising an eyebrow to at the time, the average commuter is exposed to over 3000 marketing messages a day. Yesterday, having counted while here in tuscany, I was exposed to just two.

Having no TV or radio, not reading a paper yesterday, having only mobile internet access, and there being no outdoor ad presence here, I saw only 2 pieces of marketing. I didn't understand the first point of sale, but the second was a large sign for ice creams. It did the trick, and we went to the shop to buy ice cream, so a 50% success rate. How often does that happen?

Guess the semi serious point here is not to apply london standards and thinking automatically to other places and regions. Where the pace of life is different, you need to plan marketing from the consumer first, placing the consumer, and insight, at the start, heart and end of the process, tailoring activity at a local level where its needed

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