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Sunday, 29 July 2007

Publishing success story

Congratulations to my friend William Cash on the successful sale of his publishing business Spear to the contract publisher Luxury Publishing. William saw an untapped publishing opportunity amongst high net worth individuals. His vision was to create a magazine that focussed on the serious side of being seriously rich namely all the non-lifestyle stuff. He talked in Spear's Wealth Management Survey about tax relief, divorce, venture philantropy, art investment etc, etc. He focused on subjects far from luxury jets and boats, jewellery, mansions and all the normal luxury lifestyle trappings stuff which many magazines cover. He was also extremely smart in his distribution model. He distributed direct to home of his subscribers using a database that he build and developed.

William built a clever publishing business which deserves to be extended and expanded which is exactly what can happen now its properly funded as part of LP.

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