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Tuesday, 3 July 2007


Interesting article in The Times today, pg 45, on the promiscuity of internet users of MySpace, Facebook and Bebo. Not surprisingly in my view, while social networking brands are trying to promote "stickability" and tie customers into a single networking site, people being people are going where their friends are. This game is more than just about enhanced functionality, it's also about momentum. If everyone you know is inviting you to join Facebook, then that's the best place to be.

Some good stats from Nielsen/NetRatings:

MySpace - 6.5 million UK users, average time on site per month 96 minutes
Bebo - 4 million UK users, average time per month on site 152 minutes
Facebook - 3.2 million users in UK spending 143 minutes a month

On these figures, did Rupert Murdoch overpay for Myspace 2 years ago, $580 million for a brand that's peaked already? Time will tell

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