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Wednesday, 18 July 2007

The Prince of all promotions

The Mail on Sunday sold an extra 600,000 copies thanks to its promotional giveaway of Prince's new album, its managing director said today.

Prince is happy, the Mail on Sunday is happy, and 100,000s of music lovers are happy with their free Prince CD.

Lets consider the reality of the 'success' of this promotion for a second. So an extra 600,000 people bought the MoS to get their freebie. So far so good. The big negative in all of this is that those people will not reappear to buy the paper this week (unless there is another Free Prince CD of course).

The promotion looks very good on the ABC but it does absolutely nothing for the long term sustainably of readership.

Craig Barnwell adds:

Market Evolution estimates that each additional copy sale has cost the Mail on Sunday over £5, when you take into account media cost, production cost and licence costs. Not a bad acquisition cost for a new customer, but quite high if they don't stick around, and very high if you don't get their data so you can go on to build that all important relationship.

Market Evolution's Promoscope would have told them where the buyers had come from, whether they read the Mail, and more importantly, whether they were coming back, giving a more strategic evaluation of the investment before, during and after the promotion.

At the end of the day, Associated Newspapers remain the king of the old school giveaway, with the biggest marketing budgets and free promotions. Whatever else, you can guarantee that in the circulation department of the Mail on Sunday they are partying like its 1999!

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